Night Falls (& others)

Night falls. There’s a sturdy boned cap on my forehead,

while a chin rests up there and delivers sweet breaths.

2:00am and some stirring delivers me restless, dumb sighing

for a-touching and a touch filled with sleep.

Turn around, and I’m there- mouth on par to soft nipple-

Eros knows (god knows why) I’m felled, captive by this

one, who’s soft, and thick skinned at the same time

and blunt with a sharp word,

and testing my limits,

and stroking,

and prodding,

glanced into admitting,

until I’m quite ardent- all certain-

we’ll kiss.


I had some dream in orange foothills tall and wide,

of mountains and the sun’s swift set and rise in seconds.

Slumped unstable from a fence for this

and figured shapes to match my suiting.

Found it taller, hung, hunched over,

bent, all beauty, but wanting much.

Wanting works I’ve got no art for,

skills I can’t acquire, or

deriding my golden, once much-loved foothills,

to rile or gauge intent.

Come morning I’ll rise and burn ‘em down.

All that I could acquire,

all razed, the vast stumps bask as proof:

Upshot of a strange desire.


What a mockery I should be tangled,

swept round by delicious smells,

drowned in a dug-down clutched-tight duvet,

parched of all my senses.

Felled in the night

by a welcome intruder, who’d

do a little dance, sing a little song,

welcome my thoughts to imagine him naked or

shy from the first sign of touching.


It takes the cold wind, conjured heat, no light

to spell it out for you,

not to write some lines you’re meant to say,

or coax you,

‘place your fingers here and trace, now linger…’

(all that melts away in the face of it)

but to let you see

yourself melt down to a small pile,

left for a dead (heart) or toppled king,

only to find that same heart, sitting,

spilling out your sentiments; words

so much like your own that

your skin feels like splitting,

lurching forth open-armed welcoming love.

I’d die if embraced like that, so-long resisted…

in waking I’m thinking a part of me did.


I have nothing to say about this

any more

09/10/10  –  17/11/10


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