Monthly Archives: December 2011


(I’m scared,

oh boy, I’m more than terrified

that everything I say or do has no effect

and no,

that’s not what I’m trying to say)

I’m scared of the day when

I reduce you to less than you are,

I trivialise, deride you, play your

weaknesses and faults

against you, say you

were no more or less than any other

to cover up my tracks

and dowse myself in lines

and wine

and sleep as if I’d never slept:

awake and lie all day in bed,

saying thinking nothing.


and now I’m almost thinking

I’d be better off to skip this –

stop, just lose your lovely

faultlessness –

confess it’d all been a charm,

a dream or something, nothing

(a spin in a cynical light)





If I could’ve only

done one thing

then it would be enough for me.

To free your mind of malice


I’d take you up

like a challenge in my arms

and plant a thousand

imprints of my lips

to sip the sadness from you


& when you’re lying on the sofa,

dogged by thoughts and shunning sleep,

I’ll wrap the ghost of me around you

keep you all inside,

contain you,

stop your soul from slipping out

& feeling incomplete


circa mid Nov