Monthly Archives: February 2012

untitled 4, or 5, or 6

you know I’ve said I can’t express

in lines, what shuttles up inside

and why, I couldn’t say although

it’s true I thrive on pain


and know that if you wanted it,

I’d write three times as much

as this, a poem every day:

three hundred failed attempts

to say how much I love you


and if it should transpire that

I never could inspire all that

awful glowing feeling back

it matters just as much as this –

a glitch, but it exists


we both

well maybe now we both are faded, grown

grey in our downtrodden troughs

and say we won’t burn quite as brightly

as we did when we first fell in love

(in separate pasts, in separate months)


but hey, we both are drawn to night skies

filled with lights and signs and promise,

and say, we’re both drawn to each other

maybe ‘cos we saw another light like us

that’s hushed and snuffed?


but stuff that screwed us up’s not worth

thought more than this.

And This is all I want to say:

come away with me

and stay forever under all those starlit signs

I’ll always want you more than ever

after all, this – you and I.