Monthly Archives: May 2012

Title’s no longer (optional)

darling, are there
nights enough to kiss you/miss you?
it’s midnight and I might never sleep
without you snaked around me.
only so many
nights in the world/minutes in which to kiss
as such, I think there aren’t enough.
so kiss me double when I next see you,
fill my mind till I can feel you


this is embarrassing

‘stop embarrassing yourself’

I tell myself and

shelve the flowers, hide them,

powdered face and hands,

I stand on one foot staring

intensely at the bubbles – green,

encased in neon – feeling

strange and unaccustomed

to human contact, much less

with the eyes.

R the first

consulted oracle, historical being

for me to live up to & suck through my teeth

all the words I’d like to say, like ‘Hey,

let’s just be friends’ and ‘when did you first

try me beyond belief?’ and

will this ever end?

and no, I think not, my lot

is to always find fault.

with the consulted oracle, referenced love-being

all things lovely & all being well, I smell

her affected oddities and teasing, torture

humming off her like a flustered ‘please’: please

be with me, love me, hug me

suffocate me

bait me

break me