Monthly Archives: January 2013

intemerate you

I want your heart

to unravel, rewind,

go back to the start

jump in pinpricks through time

& visit intemerate you


& would old dates make

new you different to touch?

skin softer & flushed

with that first rush of blood

or the first gush of love


oh you, beautiful youth

I’m a fool for you, truly

& you’ll be my first

since the dodos, the sphinx nose,

elusive Atlantis…

(can’t tell if the water knows

how good it has it)


do I know, when up close

& holding you closer

& folding my arms round

the mold of you now

if it matters at all

that your past arms are absent

or wrapped round another?

too rapt to discover

the ghost of your face,

all shiny & new,

all glowing

& ruffled

intemerate you