Monthly Archives: April 2013

wants & needs

I want & need to run away

and take you with me, stay

all day in the stranglehold of

foreign sun.

or dive under duvets & dally there

all afternoon.

I want to wait no longer or

waste time here

making myself dry

with sinful misery.


I need you to want me fully

& only me

& need my love as a means to breathe.

grab me, complete me, throw all that to the wind

make our obligations cinders

so that we begin anew and old at once

& consummate our love non-stop



good old days

all it takes is a leap of faith

into wonderful guileless dim-wit fun.

all you need are your memories clean

for the parties yet to happen,

sallow-cheeked and eager, addled

all with doubts, about to dabble,

dip into hope & love and

jee, ain’t that the best?