Monthly Archives: May 2014

character piece

[old writing re-discovered]


but, wait-

I *know* you, don’t I?

(so I followed you with my mind)

led you into places only dreamt of, never ventured.

since I dreamt it, could only be perfect.

filled my free cells with fun facts about you,

devoured your secrets like relics

with a hungry mouth for thinking.

went down into the pit of you

& brought back up a wilder you,

splendour regurgitated,

like a bird pinned, wings sprawled

against a work-top, flustered,

busting its colours to split.

it’s no use now,

though you found a way out;

my mind has you, encased as you were,

you’ll never exceed all I dreamt you could be,

after all,

I made you, baby